Food That Help In Weight Gain And Height Growth

Food that helps in height growth and weight gain 100% natural

 Hello, guys welcome to my blog today we are going to gain some knowledge about food that must be consumed to gain weight fast for both girl and boys. Most of the people are really upset because of their height and weight. They were neglected by friends and other people. They feel very shy and lose they're confident to express their views in front of other people. I will tell you the name of some food that helps in weight gain and height growth.

food that help in weight gain and height growth

     They tried a lot of things like chemicals proteins though they didn’t gain weight. They don’t have proper knowledge about the harmful effect of proteins and chemicals. Gaining weight muscle & height growth is a very simple task if you follow or have a food that I told you today in this trenzopedia blog. Let’s discuss the Food that helps in height growth and weight gain

Let us discuss  the height growth calcium plays an important role and while talking about the muscle growth calories plays an important role. With the increase of height bones and muscle increase together

The list of Food that helps in height growth and weight gain are listed below:-

CURD(दही) for weight gain

CURD is a very good source of calcium. No, chemical is added. Yogurt is considered standard only because of Lactobacillus Bulgaria and Streptococcus thermophilus, because it has a better balance of quality and quantity of bacteria.
Disease resistance also increases by eating one spoon of curd every day. The good bacteria present in it improve the immune system. If you are feeling very tired yourself, then it will be good for you to consume yogurt every day. It works by hydrating the body and giving a new energy.100gm curd contains 350 gm of calcium. Keep digestive system very good due to contain of vitamin A.

 2. Milk (दूध) and Banana for weight gain

It also contains calcium but less as compare to curd. Curd contains 350 gm of calcium in 100 gm of curd but milk contains 300 gm of calcium in 100 gm of milk. Produces good bacteria. But it is not very easy for the digestion of milk as compared to curd. Both of them are very good for gain weight for skinny and increase height because of calcium contain. if you don’t have a habit of having milk, you can make a banana shake with milk it will give you better taste.

3. Desi Ghee for weight gain

Another food that helps in weight gain and height growth is ghee. Pure source and 100 % natural. As a way to increase the weight you can consume ghee and sugar. It is a natural remedy, which has been used for centuries for health. Know below how to consume ghee and sugar to gain weight.
Mix a spoonful of sugar well in a spoonful of ghee. Take this mixture half an hour before meals.
Repeat this process daily for one month.

4. Orange Juice for weight gain

In winter, orange-like fruit is very easily available. It is good not only in terms of taste but also in terms of health. In the morning, magnesium and potassium are high in the orange, so it is good for high blood pressure patients. Due to high vitamin C, orange Consumption of the drug strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of colds and flu-like infections. It gives relief from any kind of pain and weight is also controlled.

5. Egg (अंडा) for weight gain

Eggs are considered a good source of protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. All these nutrients are necessary for our body. Apart from this, calcium makes teeth and bones strong.
One egg contains almost 4 to 6 gm of protein so you must have to consume 5 to 6 egg per day. This will help you to gain weight. For vegetarians in spite of egg they can consume paneer which is also the very good source of protein.

6. Soya chunk & Oats for weight gain

It is also the great source of protein like egg. The consumption of soya bean and oats helps to gain weight for skinny body.
Soybeans and oats are very beneficial in increasing weight rapidly. It contains a lot of protein, which is very important in gaining weight. Soak half soybean in water every night at night before going to bed. Eat soaked soybeans in morning at empty stomach helps you in height growth and weight gain

Hope guys you understand today’s lesson about the food that help in height growth and weight gain, how to gain weight for boys and girl.

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